Mother blessing CEREMONY 

Wondrous Woman, goddess full of life, with womb in bloom. You are a divine force bringing forth the next generation, and that is something worthy of honoring. Let me show you how adored you truly are.

-Bryn Huntpalmer


A Mother Blessing is a sacred celebration where women gather in circle to nurture and support you, mama-to-be, as you prepare for motherhood. I facilitate a grounded, safe space for you to release any fears or doubts you may have and to receive support and blessings from your sisters. You’ll be adorned, pampered, honoured and lavished with love.

This intimate, sacred ritual is a beautiful way to honour your rite of passage into motherhood (whether it’s the first or third time). Every woman deserves to be held by her sisters during this time! It’s an experience that will leave you feeling empowered, and deeply supported.

You’ll laugh, tell stories and feast together. You, Mama, will have your belly adorned with a sacred mandala imbued with intentions for you and your baby (more on that below). The women in the circle will tell stories of motherhood, offer blessings for your birth, and hold space for you to clear any doubts, listening with presence and kindness. We’ll close the circle with a mug of heart-opening, grounding cacao. Then, feast!

Belly Painting

As part of the celebrations, I’ll adorn your belly with a sacred mandala painting. This ritual is beautiful way to honour the innate wisdom and creative power of your body. You may love to have your belly adorned before the other women arrive, or as part of the circle. Many women cherish the opportunity slow down, honour their body and connect with their baby – and others love being the centre of attention! This experience can be especially healing for those who have had a challenging pregnancy, feel a bit disconnected from their babe or have been struggling with accepting their body during pregnancy.

The mandala painting takes about 90 minutes. First, we’ll spend some time connecting – I want to get to know you, hear about your experience of pregnancy and connect with your little one (babies can be super active when I’m painting!) Then I’ll begin to paint. I never plan the designs in advance. The colours and patterns are intuitively chosen for you, imbued with sacred intention for your and your baby.

And of course, the paints I use are water-based, fragrance free and completely non-toxic!

What is a Mother Blessing?

It’s an intimate ceremony inspired by the traditions of an ancient Navajo ceremony called a Blessing Way. The mother-to-be gathers with her closest circle of women to celebrate the rite of passage that is becoming a mother.The intention of a Mother Blessing is to prepare the expectant mother for her upcoming birth, physically, mentally and emotionally.

Traditional baby showers tend to centre around showering the baby with gifts. A Mother Blessing is all about nurturing and empowering the mother-to-be. No gifts are required, other than your presence and love.

I’ll be in touch before the ceremony with everything you need to know, so don’t worry about what’s going to happen, or what you’ll be called to say!


+ 90 minute mandala belly painting session (before or during the circle)

+ 60-75 minute ceremony guided by Alisha

+ Everything needed for the ceremony – fresh blooms, crystals, thread, candles and essential oils

+ Crystals to be gifted to the mother by each woman, infused with their blessings

+ The mother is FREE, and she’ll receive extra gifts of essential oil blends for birth and postpartum, and an Earth Mother art print

+ Cacao or tea to close the circle

+ Each woman who attends will receive a surprise gift

The Finer Details:

+ Minimum of 6 attendees, maximum of 15

+ Cost: $55 per person

+ For circles of less with fewer than 6 attendees, a flat fee of $350 applies

+  This fee includes travel within 50km of Burleigh Heads. For additional travel, please enquire on the booking form. I will travel to Byron Bay, the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane and further afar!

+ Please book at least 3 weeks in advance (if possible)

+ Allow 90 minutes for the belly painting (this can be done before guests arrive) and 75 minutes for the circle

Kind Words

 “Growing a life inside of you is such an adventure both physically and mentally and this time around I wanted to do something special to honour myself and my baby and the journey we’ve taken together this last nine months. I was lucky enough to have the beautiful and talented Alisha create a special sacred belly painting experience just for me.

Taking some time out to connect with your baby during those final weeks is something I cannot recommend highly enough. I would encourage all of our beautiful pregnant Mummas to take the time to do something like this and if you are on the Gold Coast book a session with Alisha – you will not regret it.”