Custom Sacred Symbol Logo


Sacred symbol designs are intuitively created to capture the energetic essence of your offering. This could be a logo for your business, workshop or product (or whatever else you’ve created!).

How it works:

• Once you’ve purchased your sacred symbol design, I email you a couple of questions about your offering/intention for the symbol

• After reading over your answers and tuning into the energy of your offering through meditation, I intuitively pull a goddess card. This card, and the information you’ve shared with me, will inspire the design of a unique sacred symbol design that embodies the essence of your brand or offering

• I send you the finished symbol in up to 3 colours of your choice, in both EPS (vector) and PNG format so you can use the files across all platforms

• You will receive the finished design within 1 – 2 weeks

Please note that this process requires full trust, as your symbol will be intuitively channelled just for you. Revisions are not included in this offering, and the investment is non refundable.