Nemetona | Sacred Symbol Logo


Each sacred symbol design has been intuitively created to capture the energetic essence of a divine feminine figure: goddesses and mystics; poets and priestesses. I intuitively pull a card from one of my many decks, and use the energy of the woman depicted as inspiration to channel a sacred symbol.

This symbol may be used a logo for your business, workshop or product (or whatever else you’ve created!). I encourage you to intuitively choose the symbol that feels right for you – or have one custom made.

This symbol is inspired by the energy of Nemetona, a Celtic goddess whose name means ‘shrine’ or ‘sacred area’. She is said to have watched over Celtic ceremonial sites, which were outside in sacred groves of trees, protecting and holding space for spiritual gatherings. She embodies a deep and reverent connection with nature, and invites us to remember our own powerful connection to the earth. She teaches us that sacred space is not something we can seek outside ourselves… it can only be found within. When you return to your inner Sacred Space, you become one with nature and the divine.

How it works:

Once you’ve purchased your sacred symbol design, I send you the finished symbol in up to 3 colours of your choice, in both EPS (vector) and PNG format so you can use the files across all platforms. You receive exclusive rights to the symbol design.


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