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Blooming Lotus Jewelry creates beautiful intention-infused malas. These magical beads have been used for centuries as a tool to help people create a life infused with intention. Jen believes that a  heart-felt intention, otherwise known as your Sankalpa in Sanskrit, can re-route the course of your life. She uses only the best quality stones, wood and seeds in her designs, and handcrafts each mala with love and intention.

The Blooming Lotus brand had outgrown it’s original logo and colour palette, so I worked with Jen to create something new that would align with her vision for the brand. The lotus illustration and lettering are entirely handpainted in watercolour. The lotus icon is inspired by traditional henna patterns, and we paired it with a fun pastel palette that perfectly represents the Blooming Lotus brand.


Photographs: Blooming Lotus Jewelry

Blooming Lotus Logo | Love Indigo Creative
Blooming Lotus Logo | Love Indigo Creative

“I’m obsessed! It’s even more amazing than the sketch! Thank you for bringing my vision to life Alisha. I’m over the moon grateful!”