April creates space for authentic conversations about the challenges women face, through the Roots of Awakening podcast, coaching and women’s circles. She equips women with the tools to heal themselves through the power of mother nature, including aromatherapy, herbs, chakra work, and cycling with the moon. I worked with April on her podcast branding and web design, and the resulting design is infused with intention and symbolism.

The Roots of Awakening brand feels warm, welcoming and grounding. It’s designed to entice the modern woman, but also reflects the ancient wisdom and connection to Mother Earth she craves. The colour palette is reminiscent of fire and blood; crimson rose petals and sandy earth. Photography bathed in golden light is overlaid with flowers, plants and custom-created illustrations.

The logo typography is a nod to the ancient traditions this wisdom hails from – but with a feminine touch in the custom designed capitals.

For the alternate mark, the custom letter R is adorned with flowers of jasmine, lavender and roman chamomile. The flowers in bloom symbolise the awakened feminine, and each flower has been chosen intentionally for the healing properties of it’s essential oils: Roman chamomile can be used to support anxiety and depression. Lavender is calming and soothing to the nervous system and the skin. Jasmine flowers smell incredibly feminine and beautiful, and their oil has been shown to elevate mood and support healthy hormones.

The brand illustrations represent each facet of the Roots of Awakening brand: Connection to nature, death, aromatherapy, energy & chakras, mental health, womb wisdom; and herbs & flowers.  Each illustation is infused with symbolism.

“Working with Alisha is truly a unique experience. She makes it a priority to get to know what your business vision is so she can make that come alive. I thought that I would never be able to describe the feeling I wanted to convey with my website, but Alisha knew the right questions to ask and my branding and website are better than I could have ever imagined. Alisha was one of the top investments I made for my business.”

APRIL KURTYKYA – ROOts of awakening